We know that sometimes you don’t need to fully outsource the development of a system – you just need an expert to review and advise on specific projects, with an objective approach. For example, you might be at the start of a selection process, or part way through a large development. Alternatively, you might need to review a system or process that isn’t working as well as you expect it to.

Our consulting services normally involve one of our experienced team working directly with you or your team for a period of time. The outcome may be a report, recommendations, or even the establishment of development and support processes.

When the service involves development team management we will provide the most suitable approach to getting the job done, including Agile methodology.

Of course, if you need further help with development, we are always available!

  • Services
    • System review
    • System selection
    • Project management
    • Team management and build
    • Manager mentoring

  • Management
    • Agile methods
    • Focus on relationships
    • Establishment of processes
    • Project rescue