Not just a pretty face! Virtually all of the websites and other software we develop include an underlying database. In some cases those databases are large (over a billion rows), very complex, or both.

Relational SQL databases have been the go-to storage technology for many decades, so they’ve certainly stood the test of time! SQL has evolved immensely in areas of performance, security, scalability, availablity/failover and integration. However, a high level of expertise is still required for example to design tables with retrieval in mind, not just storage. Half the fun is to optimise a query and cut its running time down to almost nothing!

Of course, SQL is also available in the Cloud, which has vastly reduced the infrastructure and cost associated with intitial setup. The Bridge uses SQL in Microsoft Azure extensively due to its choice of storage and scalability options.

Looking ahead, we are keen to start using SQL Server 2019. The ‘Big Data Clusters’ feature provides a complete environment to work with large sets of data, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

  • Ubiquitous Storage & Retrieval Technology
    • Underlying technology for most systems for decades
    • Compatible with multiple languages and operating systems
    • Available in the Cloud
    • Newer versions support ‘Big Data’

  • Tools & Environments
    • SQL Stored Procedures functions and views provide easy access to tables
    • The Bridge uses extensive developer tools and environments
    • Our developers make extensive use of optimising techniques

  • SQL Support
    • Ongoing maintenance from The Bridge, with access to Microsoft online support for SQL Server when needed
    • The Bridge is a Microsoft Partner, providing access to vast programming resources and support
    • Extensive user groups and forums
    • Reasonable backward compatibility – The Bridge can advise

  • Free and Licensed Versions
    • Basic versions such as MySQL are free. More advanced versions are licensed
    • The Bridge uses extensive paid-for tools and environments eg Visual Studio
    • Free online tutorials available