Reporting Tools

The ability to run useful reports often overlooked in considering new development projects, something to be considered at the end when the ‘main’ system is up and running. This phase of a development project often takes a surprisingly long time, part of the ‘long tail’.

Thankfully modern reporting tools do allow the development of reports to occur later, perhaps when a better idea of requirements is known. Analysis tools for Big Data are also being used by SME’s as well as the big end of town.

You can also take advantage of The Bridge’s own product Seymour, for on-boarding and merging of spreadsheet data.

The Bridge repertoire includes Microsoft Power BI, Reporting Services, and Crystal Reports, all excellent products, and will allow your organisation to keep track of performance indicators, process tracking, compliance etc. Once set up, visualisations go way beyond dull tables and summaries, and may be used to gain real insight in a digestible, graphical form. Ongoing updates can also be handled, taking core data from a variety of different source types.


  • Multiple Report Types & Data Sources
    • Options for single source such as a Data Warehouse, cached, or multiple ‘virtualised’ sources
    • Customised Dashboards
    • High volume/Big Data

  • Tools & Environments
    • Compatible with multiple languages and operating systems
    • Available in the Cloud
    • Optimisation techniques

  • Support
    • Ongoing maintenance from The Bridge, with access to online support when needed
    • For Power BI, The Bridge is a Microsoft Partner, providing access to vast programming resources and support
    • Extensive user groups and forums
    • Reasonable backward compatibility – The Bridge can advise

  • Free and Licensed Versions
    • Basic versions of some tools are free. More advanced versions tend to be licensed
    • The Bridge uses extensive paid-for tools and environments
    • Free online tutorials available