Working with Business Operations or Administration

You manage the operations of a local or international firm, possibly in the Finance or Banking industries.

You will likely be running multiple systems, possibly multiple affiliate websites, perhaps some in-house built, others off-the-shelf. You may be under pressure on a number of fronts:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Connecting disparate systems together
  • Managing an increasing reliance on bespoke spreadsheets
  • Using data effectively
  • Dissemination of data from a central source out to affiliate websites
  • Specific system requirements not available off-the-shelf

Our focus is on:

  • Development and support of websites
  • Understanding particular regulatory and audit pressures, and providing solutions
  • Understand the market for solutions and provide honest opinions
  • Clarify when to buy off-the-shelf vs bespoke development
  • Reduce risk in system development and ongoing support

We aim to provide that solve regulatory and compliance needs, connect seamlessly with other systems, and provide business insight from collected data.

Most importantly we understand the business environment you work in, and we solve problems that are unique to your operations.

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