Working with Digital Marketers: The Bridge Digital Approach

So you are a digital marketer, creating SEO, EDM’s, and websites and promotional landing pages for your clients. Your clients are demanding and timeframes are tight.

Our focus is on:
  • Being as responsive as you need us to be for your clients. We understand that for example EDM’s often need to be turned around with a day or less
  • Solid technical solutions – being able to build and support more complex websites the need arises
  • Being flexible, easy to work with and communicating clearly
What we provide:
  • A development process that makes it easy to design and build website and landing pages that fulfils marketing objectives, and justifies time and money spent
  • Familiarity working with graphic designers
  • Fast response
  • Reduced key-person risk because ensure multi-person cover
  • Bespoke solutions that fit your clients’ unique businesses

Most importantly, we understand the kind of service environment you work in, and help you to gain a competitive advantage in the way solve problems that are unique to both your clients’ business and your own.

Contact us on (02) 9993 3300 or use the contact form to discuss your requirements.