Introducing ‘Seymour’

Seymour is simple solution to a common problem – how to move data held in spreadsheets onto your website in an automated way. The graph below was produced by Seymour.

The Problem

For years we’ve seen organisations such as Fund Managers go through a manual daily process of receiving Unit Price and performance data from their custodian in the form of emailed spreadsheets, checking the columns of data, and then keying the data into the website content management system.

Even for a small organisation with minimal amounts of data, this approach is prone to error, or even being missed altogether if key personnel are unavailable.

In addition, even when the data arrives on the website, it is often displayed in a drab, tabular and non-interactive fashion, with visitors to the site having to download and examine the data themselves if they want to do more than just view a list of numbers.

Our Solution

Seymour is a solution that completely automates the process, from receiving spreadsheets via email or FTP, extracting the data you require from the spreadsheet(s), and displaying the data on your website in a stunning graphical format (you can still have tables of data if you want).

In addition the system checks that daily data has arrived and alerts key personnel if it hasn’t. Tolerance checking is also provided to help protect against erroneous data that may occasionally be received.

Highly flexible

A key feature of Seymour is its flexibility. Any type organisation can use it, not just in Financial Markets.

There setup process is very straightforward. The user of the systems firstly sets up the names of the objects and fields, and their types, according to the type of business. These objects and fields can be anything you want.

The second step is to provide an example ‘template’ spreadsheet and map the columns to the Seymour objects that have been created in step 1.

The final step is to insert a ‘link’ or ‘code’ on the website where you want the data to be displayed.

Once the system is set up the way you want it, the process will happen automatically every hour, day, week as required. You will of course be informed if data hasn’t arrived or appears incorrect.

Secure Cloud based, no local installation

Seymour is hosted in a highly secure Cloud environment, with access to the portal login via browser. An audit trail is kept of all files loaded into Seymour.

Low pay-as-you go, easy setup

After an initial straightforward setup, payment is made on an as-you-go on a monthly basis. No infrastructure is required on your site, and Cloud hosting and licensing to use the software is all included in the fee.

If you’d like to learn more about our Seymour product, feel free to call Lawrence on 02 9993 3300 or email