‘Seymour’ – What it is, and what it isn’t

Here we describe the benefits of our product Seymour, but also help you understand the things you can use it for by clarifying where it fits in.

Data Import

Seymour starts with data ‘onboarding’. If you have data that your company stores in spreadsheets, or is sent to you via email, Seymour can automatically process and store the data in a secure cloud-based database.


Once stored, you have a choice about what you do next. You can display tables and charts on your website or Intranet. Or you can use the database as a facility for extracting and analysing. The data will have been ‘cleansed’ by Seymour prior to storage, so you can be more confident that your analysis is carried out based on consistent information.


Seymour also provides the ability to publish data to websites and Intranet. Note that Seymour is not an analysis tool in itself, but you can use such tools to extract from the ‘open’ Seymour database. Alternatively, The Bridge can develop customised screens according to your precise needs.

Once set up, Seymour’s automated process saves time and reduces operational risk. It just runs, weekly, daily or real-time, and your graphs, tables and other published information will always be available to your audience.

If you’d like to learn more about our Seymour product, feel free to call Lawrence on 02 9993 3300 or email lawrence@thebridgedigital.com.au