Welcome to the Bridge Digital

Welcome to ‘The Bridge Digital Solutions’ blog!

We write software, we build websites and we create apps. We were doing this for years as part of Tango Technology.

We have been operating as a separate company for 12 months now, and have fully settled into our new offices in North Sydney, but we’ve been too busy developing clients’ websites to spend time on our own site blog!

As an introduction I’d like to explain how we work with clients, designers and SEO experts to build compelling and effective websites.

Working with our Clients

Our website page https://www.thebridgedigital.com.au/our-work shows examples of our work.

At the initial stage of a website development, clients often want to know what is possible before they commit to a brief – how much content they will be able to access and change themselves, how we will store videos, what is involved in creating a secure login for their customers to access, what options are available for hosting.

As website builders this is where we provide crucial input to our clients’ decision making. For a complex website we maintain this dialogue throughout the development process so that all key decisions are fully informed.

When we are presented with a client’s branding and graphical design, we often work closely designers in order to maintain the integrity of their creative work….

Working with Designers

In our conversations with designers they have told is that the most important things they want from developers is the ability to communicate, and a willingness to adhere to the creative concept. We achieve this not just because we know the technology very well, but also because we enjoy the challenge and ultimately we want the client’s website to both look great as well as benefit from rock solid engineering.


Once you have a website you obviously want people to visit it! Paid links from the likes of Google AdWords is one way. The other is from ‘organic’ search.

After that, optimising your site for organic search is a specialised area of expertise and involves ongoing care and attention to keep your rankings high. We work closely with SEO experts to ensure that the basics are done, including the correct use of META and H tags for your content to ensure that each page to be indexed has an appropriate, search-friendly title and correctly coded headings in your content. We can also integrate tracking and reporting features such as Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and Omniture.

Feel free to call us for a chat on 02 9993 3300 or email lawrence@thebridgedigital.com.au