Future-proof your Drupal website

End-of-life for Drupal 7 is fast approaching with more businesses seeking to transition their existing websites to version 9 (soon 10).

Drupal 8 and above represent a significant code base change from 7, requiring conversion of templates and content types based on the robust Symfony framework.

We specialise in migrations of older Drupal websites to the current version and finding solutions to obsolete plugins, themes and functionality.

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    Why the Bridge?

    • We have deep experience in Drupal development across versions 7 through 9, specialising in finance and government projects
    • Proven track record in custom theme creation for Drupal, tailored to your needs and branding
    • We’re based in Sydney, and you’ll speak directly with the developer working on your project, ensuring consistent, responsive, and effective communication from start to finish

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