Microsoft .NET Development

Microsoft .NET is a leading technology framework for high-grade software development. Its massive collection of libraries means less reinventing the wheel and faster development timeframes.

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As a Microsoft Partner, .NET is a go-to technology for The Bridge when developing both small and enterprise level systems.

Our developers are experts at building custom technical solutions that support and drive our clients’ unique businesses.

The result is complex software that is robust, scalable, and high performance without the limitations of off-the shelf packages.

Many of our .NET solutions are implemented in the cloud. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that the underlying technology will evolve and be fully maintained by Microsoft into the future.

Benefits of Microsoft .NET:

  • Ubiquitous technology, can build any type of application such as web, mobile, desktop
  • Microsoft product integration, with eg SharePoint, and Azure cloud
  • Huge support for tools and libraries for faster development
  • Strongly supported, current and future. The Bridge is a Microsoft Partner and has access to developer forums Microsoft technical advise if needed
  • Free to use for clients

Benefits of working with The Bridge:

  • Extensive experience building new systems, as well as redeveloping existing ones in Microsoft .NET
  • Specialists in software development for the financial industry
  • Full cloud services offering, from migration and development to ongoing support
  • Microsoft Partner with 5+ years experience

Why The Bridge?

Need a bespoke or custom software solution you can’t get anywhere else? The Bridge Digital can help.

We have deep and wide expertise, coupled with years of experience that we put to solving any software development problem brought to us. And while we have particular expertise in Microsoft .NET, Azure, WordPress CMS and Drupal, we’re vendor neutral, and equipped to work with whatever platform best suits your needs and budget.

The best part? We’re based in Sydney, so you’ll never have to deal with call centres or inconvenient time zone differences. Instead, you’ll speak directly with the developer working on your project, ensuring consistent, responsive and effective communication from start to finish.

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