As a Microsoft Partner, .NET is a go-to technology for The Bridge when developing both small and enterprise level systems. Our own spreadsheet import product Seymour is developed in .NET.

The .NET Framework simply makes programming easier for developing software. Our developers can create any type of application quickly with the most common being desktop, web, mobile or gaming. The .NET framework also provides support for Microservices, Cloud, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. The large number of hierarchical libraries simplifies coding common functions as well as reducing work on memory management, garbage collection, security, interoperability and performance.

The key to rapid application development is to utilise the built-in framework of libraries, which allow us allow us to cater for common programming situations without having to write new code. This leaves The Bridge free to focus on the functionality required for the particular client project.

The .NET framework is constantly evolving, widely used and free, and components written by different developers in varying programming languages can all work together without any translation or recompilation.

  • Ubiquitous Technology
    • Can build any type of application such as web, mobile, desktop, gaming
    • Multiple languages and interoperability
    • ASP.NET for web applications
    • .NET Core for cross.platform and Open Source
    • Microsoft product integration eg SharePoint
    • Strong integration with Azure

  • Huge Library Support
    • Faster programming due to large number of libraries
    • Open Source
    • The Bridge uses extensive developer tools and environments
    • .NET Standard across .NET implementations

  • .NET Support
    • Ongoing maintenance from The Bridge, with access to Microsoft online support when needed
    • The Bridge is a Microsoft Partner, providing access to vast programming resources and support
    • Extensive user groups and forums
    • Reasonable backward compatibility – The Bridge can advise

  • Free to Use
    • Core product is free to use, no cost to clients for run-time licensing
    • The Bridge uses extensive paid-for tools and environments – Visual Studio
    • Free online tutorials available