WordPress CMS

The world’s most popular CMS has come a long way since its beginning as a blogging tool. We’ve certainly embraced the WordPress journey and enjoyed its evolution.

WordPress is simple to use for content editors, site admins and, to an extent, for developers. But as the web has grown in complexity and WordPress has evolved to match, it is important to find true WordPress experts (like us!) to develop, maintain and manage your website.

Developing in WordPress is highly efficient and with a huge selection of plugins and themes available to cover multiple use cases, the barrier to entry in creating a complex website with WordPress is quite low. However, this ocean of third party plugins can be difficult to navigate and manage so it is important to know the right plugins to use for the job, and also when to rely on custom code and functions built into the CMS itself.

It is a popular misconception that WordPress’s simplicity makes it inappropriate for robust business websites, when actually, WordPress is a full-featured solution for modern websites used by Sony, Disney and many other big name companies. WordPress is a great solution for the smallest landing page or blog, right up to a large corporate website.

The Bridge Digital are experienced in a wide array of WordPress-based solutions. We can help you implement and customise a third party theme or build a completely unique, bespoke WordPress theme for your business.

WordPress ranks alongside with Drupal as The Bridge’s most frequently used CMS. Read our blog about how to choose a CMS for your project.

  • WordPress Site Design
    • Web Design & UX
    • Scratch-built themes from our or your designer’s layouts
    • Customisation of existing/third party themes
    • Responsive/Mobile device design
  • WordPress Coding & Implementation
    • Custom plugins and functions to enhance your site
    • Integration with other systems
    • REST APIs
    • Content Management & Population
  • WordPress Support
    • Ongoing maintenance
    • Security & Malware cleanup
    • PageSpeed Optimisation
    • SEO Hygiene
  • WordPress eCommerce
    • Online store development
    • WooCommerce
    • Payment Gateways