Modern JavaScript Development

JavaScript is absolutely everywhere on the web. Recent years has seen a Renaissance-like surge in JavaScript usage, with the latest versions and frameworks powering all the of the world’s most used sites and apps.

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JavaScript is part of the The Bridge Digital’s development DNA and is in use in some form or another within essentially all of our projects, whether web or desktop software, to enhance the usability and performance of our products. Working with ubiquitous frameworks like React, we deliver rapid development of rich, cross-platform mobile apps that blur the lines between native applications and web apps.

Benefits of JavaScript

  • Fast cilent-side apps for phone, tablet and desktop/laptop
  • Interactivity and responsiveness
  • High performance – low server load
  • Rich user experience

Benefits of working with The Bridge:

  • Robust and sustainable sites and apps that require minimal maintenance
  • Bespoke and custom plug-ins and themes to meet your exact needs
  • Well-structured development that results in a user-friendly backend
  • No shortcuts or ‘quick-fix’ solutions that will lead to site breakages later
  • User-friendly, attractive apps and sites

Why The Bridge?

Need a bespoke or custom software solution you can’t get anywhere else? The Bridge Digital can help.

We have deep and wide expertise, coupled with years of experience that we put to solving any software development problem brought to us. And while we have particular expertise in Microsoft Azure, WordPress CMS and Drupal, we’re vendor neutral, and equipped to work with whatever platform best suits your needs and budget.

The best part? We’re based in Sydney, so you’ll never have to deal with call centres or inconvenient time zone differences. Instead, you’ll speak directly with the developer working on your project, ensuring consistent, responsive and effective communication from start to finish.

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