We are a dedicated team of sofware and website developers who bridge the gap between our clients’ needs and technical requirements, so we can deliver the best-fitting solutions.

We specialise in integrating various systems, software applications, and data sources. We excel in bringing together different components and ensuring they work harmoniously, enabling a cohesive and efficient technology ecosystem

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We’re an experienced and agile development company based in North Sydney, not too far from The Harbour Bridge, but that’s not the reason we called ourselves The Bridge. The name makes sense to us because that’s what we do – bridge the gap between the people we work with and technology.

It could be a turning marketer’s objectives into useable technology, a designer’s creative idea into a practical website, or an operations person wanting to know what’s possible for improving process.

Of course, we’re tech guys and we love the challenge of solving complex problems and finding simple, elegant solutions. We also love the challenge of staying at the edge of fast evolving technology, but we know the importance of communicating and understanding our clients’ businesses.

Our developers are all based locally in Sydney, and accessible to our clients without forcing them to wade through call centre queues or waiting for time zones to align to get in touch with your development team. You will always be able to put a consistent face and voice to the staff supporting your business.

We have a small team but with deep levels of experience and expertise across all areas of web and software development – .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Drupal, WordPress, UX, Design and everything in-between.

We believe in a flexible approach to working with our clients, making informed choices on technology selection and appropriate methodology based on the needs of your business and the project at hand.

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