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Australian Payments Network enables competition and innovation, promotes efficiency and manages risk accross a network over 140 members and participants.

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Overview of results

  • Developed in partnership with the Australian Payments Network and its appointed creative agency
  • Modernisation and bespoke functionality for content updates
  • Connectivity to core systems
  • Ongoing site hosting and support

The Problem

  • AusPayNet (previously nown as Australian Payments Clearing Association) had a website built using a different CMS, which had become unstable after a version upgrade
  • The website was also in need of a redesign to create a more modern look and feel
  • AusPayNet needed a new website that could be content managed easily
  • The backend needed to be flexible to adapt to the type of content required to be delivered to a diverse range of Participant Members that participate on a day-to-day operational basis


  • Working closely with the marketing team and with careful planning brand new website was built using the Drupal CMS
  • The solution was to adapt the Drupal backend to create reusable blocks & templated fields that could be embedded into a wide range of templates
  • The new website included a bespoke module to automatically deliver news feeds to the website’s subscribers
  • The site has been hosted with a stable local hosting provider, as per AusPayNet’s requirements
  • Over time version-by-version upgrades have been applied, AusPayNet’s website has been continualy modified and upgraded without disruption to the business


  • A modern, highly stable and secure site
  • A flexible platform for the AusPayNet marketing department to manage content themselves whenever needed
  • Ongoing CMS maintenance and management
  • Development of new bespoke features when needed
  • The Bridge manages the hosting service as well as the website itself, meaning AusPayNet can focus fully on its business
  • Importantly, we have a forged a strong relationship with AusPayNet over the past 5 years


  • The Drupal CMS was used together with modules developed to provide advanced, bespoke functionality
  • Drupal is popular with governement and regulatory organisations due to its robustness, stability and scalability, togehter with powerful content management features for dealing with complex and large-scale websites

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