Clean, combine, consolidate and automate your spreadsheet data

Our product, Seymour was created as a result of our experiences of developing bespoke software for our clients, importing and publishing data that received in spreadsheets.

Seymour solves the problem of having to write custom software to on-board messy spreadsheet in multiple formats for use into your core systems, Intranets and websites.

Seymour automatically imports, cleans and
consolidates your spreadsheet data.

Reduces manual processing and saves development time.

Flexible output options, including JSON, tables and charts.




Flexible imports, converts cluttered spreadsheets into usable data
  • Seymour seamlessly imports, cleans and consolidates data from multiple spreadsheet sources such as share prices, sales records, inventory, or performance.
  • Create your own data objects and field types, define an import method, and Seymour import your Excel or CSV data automatically and publish to JSON and other formats.
Set up automated import jobs
  • Files can be imported as needed, or scheduled, or even extracted from emails as they are received. 
Easy deployment, cloud-based service
  • Seymour is software-as-a-service running securely in the Cloud. No software needs to be installed, just create a subscription and get started, all from your web browser.
  • Manage all your data and account settings online with no coding required.
  • No costly licenses, just a monthly fee tailored to your business requirements.
Add-ons available
  • Seymour is also capable of producing great-looking charts and tables within the app, ready to publish directly on your own website – fully responsive for mobile and other devices.
  • The charts are customisable, and interactive so visitors to your website can view data in multiple ways to suit their needs.
  • Charts and tables will update automatically in real-time, so whenever your data changes it will be re-imported by Seymour, and the website page can be refreshed to show the latest information.
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