Microsoft Azure is a core hosting platform for The Bridge applications. We also host our own development systems there, including our ‘Seymour’ spreadsheet import product.

Azure is a cloud based platform for a range of computational needs, from virtual infrastructure to hosting websites to the processing and storage of data. The processing power behind your systems can rise and fall to match the changing demand for the online services you provide.

An important unique feature of Azure is that it provides a robust user authentication system with password management built in. This the integration with Active Directory, as well as other Microsoft products means we are not only are we able to access this feature for our own credentials management, but we can also provide a common platform for managing access to multiple systems via the Azure security framework.

Azure provides API’s into core system, Azure have allowed us to seamlessly integrate user applications for our clients. For example, we’ve been able to create a common framework for access to multiple systems. So the common functions of credentials management are taken care of, allowing us to develop user management applications specific to the various client systems running within the framework.

We are developers, not system administrators, so Azure works well for us in that it’s easy set up databases, servers and various services. It’s normally pay-as-you-go so you have to remember to close them down when you no longer need them!

  • Azure Application Hosting
    • Highly secure
    • Flexible configuration
    • Superior ability to scale up the processing when traffic gets heavy
    • Microsoft product integration eg SharePoint Online
    • Client applications self-hosted or within The Bridge environment

  • API’s into Azure
    • Developers have access to user security features
    • Allows control of multiple client systems within the framework
    • Active Directory integration means not having to manage user passwords, which saves a lot of development and support time.
    • Highly secure

  • Azure Support
    • Ongoing maintenance via Bridge Administrator and Developer portals
    • Can be maintained by our developers, specialised system administration skills not required
    • Developer Portal allows review and debug of user applications
    • Extensive monitoring and logging capabilities

  • Cloud – PAYG
    • True Cloud – start/stop applications, pay-for-what-you use
    • The Bridge maintains ongoing support arrangements with Microsoft
    • Multiple plan options