Government Agency Funds Management

Large Fund Manager, providing investment and funds management services to public authorities.

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Overview of results

  • Development and support of risk systems for a large Australian government agency funds management corporation
  • Working in partnership with business consultants First Treasury
  • Stabilised complex and data rich databases used by the client’s risk department

The Problem

  • The core risk database and associated applications were highly unstable and on “life support”
  • Limited appropriate expertise resided in-house
  • Off-the-shelf systems and data warehouses were expensive and difficult to implement


  • Working with our partner First Treasury management consulting, The Bridge provide highly technical database and application expertise
  • Major underlying issues were resolved, thus evolving the risk systems away from “life support” status, to a stable ongoing platform
  • Our team has been able to maintain very fast response times, including out-of-hours, thus giving confidence to the client’s risk teams
  • Following a long period of stable operation, The Bridge has developed a number of enhancements as required


  • The risk database and associated applications have been operating for several years, and now form a stable platform for the client’s business
  • Many enhancements have been developed, including flexible reporting modules using Microsoft Power BI
  • The risk systems have well and truly moved off life support!


Extensive use of Microsoft tools, including SQL Server, .NET and Power BI.

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