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Overview of results

  • Stable, low maintenance interface between Paradice reconciliation system and IRESS trade management
  • Process updates for Paradice operations team
  • Changes and upgrades ongoing when required

The Problem

  • With the implementation of a new trade reconcilliation system, Paradice needed to import their trade and position information on a timely basis for reconciliation in an internal system
  • No interface was available off-the-shelf


  • Working with IRESS and the vendor of the reconciliation system, The Bridge developed a bespoke interface into IRESS which created placed Excel file into a secure location on the Paradice network
  • The process runs on a daily basis, and operates in multiple office location in Australia and overseas
  • Confirmation and error messages are generated to ensure that the Paradice operations are aware of the process status


  • The interface process continues to run on a daily basis, with minimal intervention needed from either Paradice operations or The Bridge
  • Peridicaly, when the the IRESS data structure changes, such as with a version upgrade, The Bridge are on hand to update the interface code


Developed using Microsoft .NET and SQL.

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